Blacks in Technology, Southwest Virginia Chapter

Blacks In Technology is a national “tech-focused community and media organization that is dedicated to increasing representation and participation of Black people in the technology industry.”


Growing a New Chapter in Southwest Virginia

The tech community in Southwest Virginia is abuzz with excitement as a new chapter of Blacks in Technology takes shape in the region. This initiative aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem. With the formation of the Roanoke-Blacksburg chapter, BIT seeks to provide a platform for African Americans and people of color in the area to connect, collaborate, and advance their careers in the ever-evolving technology sector. By leveraging the collective knowledge, experiences, and skills of its members, the chapter is poised to make a significant impact in promoting diversity, equity, and representation in the SWVA tech landscape.

Mission of BIT

The Blacks In Technology Foundation is the largest community of Black people in the technology industry. Through community-focused activities, events and outreach, the Blacks In Technology (BIT) Foundation is “Stomping the Divide” by establishing a blueprint of world-class technical excellence and innovation by providing resources, guidance, networking, and opportunities for members to share their expertise and advance their careers.

How to Get Involved with BIT

Getting involved with BIT is easy! We have a wide variety of events that are designed to facilitate conversation and engage with the BIT community.

According to the BIT Foundation, “it is a fairly common occurrence that Black workers in the technology industry find themselves the only Black person in the room or the only Black person on their team. Black people are underrepresented in every technology-related career demographic, from tech startup founders seeking venture capital, to core information technology workers seeking pay equity.” Many Black people join BIT events to find solidarity in the tech space and cultivate a robust and supportive network within their industry.

“The new Southwest Virginia chapter of Blacks in Technology is committed to growing the presence of Black/African Americans in our technology community. It’s an inspiring space to empower and support our members in their career goals. We are focused on providing a great mix of events and opportunities to engage, explore, and transform our community. We even have fun while doing it!” said Chapter President Angela Pope Dickerson.


All RBTC members are invited to participate in BIT SWVA events. If you aren’t a member or want more information about how to get involved, reach out to us.

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