One Location, So Many Innovators

Nominate the Region’s Best

With awards for all areas of technology and innovation, these honors are designed to help celebrate the leaders shaping our community. Nominations and voting are open ahead of TechNite.

RBTC TechNite Awards

Local Successes Deserve Recognition

The biggest honors in the Roanoke-Blacksburg technology community are handed out at TechNite. Awards include the following:

STEM-H Educator Award 

With categories for both K-12 and higher education, these awards recognize STEM educators in the Roanoke – Blacksburg region that promotes math, science, and/or use of technology in creative ways to transfer knowledge and help develop future technology leaders.

Rising Star Award 

This award recognizes a local technology company whose “star is rising.” It may not be a household name yet, but it is poised to be another success story in the Roanoke – New River Valley region. This award emphasizes the importance of small firms to our region’s technology economy.

Innovator of the Year Award 

This award recognizes an individual, a team, or an organization that has blazed new trails in the areas of research and innovation. By definition, they are doing something new or different, and they are doing it well. Their innovation represents a significant technological breakthrough in their field or industry.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award 

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Sometimes it takes nerves of steel to blaze a new path. This award recognizes someone in our community who exemplifies what it means to be a risk-taker in the technology field.

Regional Leadership Award 

This award recognizes one of our own who not only succeeds in the workplace, but also leads by example by contributing significantly to the community in which we live. Through their mentorship, thought leadership, or advocacy they are advancing this region and the people within it.

Leading Tech Company Award

This award recognizes both a small and large Roanoke or New River Valley company committed to advancing our region’s technology community and able to demonstrate excellence in their people, programs, and projects within their industry.

The Hart of the Entrepreneur

A trailblazing, serial entrepreneur and pioneer for the region’s innovation ecosystem, Bonz Hart was a loyal champion of RBTC and served in various leadership roles, including the first technology entrepreneur president. Bonz unselfishly gave his time and wisdom to other entrepreneurs, often resulting in significant results for those he counseled. RBTC members and friends closest to Bonz created an endowment that will continue Bonz Hart’s tremendous spirit and contribution to the Roanoke-Blacksburg technology community. The endowment funds The Hart of the Entrepreneur Impact Award which will be given to an outstanding entrepreneur in the region who can benefit greatly from a relatively small monetary award.

The winner will be chosen by a dedicated committee and awarded annually at TechNite.  Learn more about Bonz’s legacy and the impact award.