CyberSecurity Forum: log4J Roundtable Discussion

VTCRC Training & Events Center 1691 Innovation Drive, #1025, Blacksburg, VA

Sharing Stories from the Trenches with log4j + Hands On Hacking Workshop Do you want to know more about the recent world wide log4j vulnerabilities, or have any stories about scanning for, patching and mitigating against log4j vulnerabilities on your networks? Whether you want to find out more, or share your org's best practices.. come […]

CyberSecurity Forum: 2022 Hands on Security Capture The Flag Event

VTCRC Training & Events Center 1691 Innovation Drive, #1025, Blacksburg, VA

Come and hack with us at a Jeopardy Style Capture the Flag on July 28 from 5:30-8pm (BYOLaptop)! This competitive CTF event is run on the CloudCTF system by the Virginia Cyber Range and will consist of hands-on, cybersecurity categories such as Web, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Crypto, and more! There will be challenges that require […]

CyberSecurity “Defense Against the Dark Arts” Workshop

VWCC Computer Lab 3099 Colonial Ave, Roanoke, VA

Join us in person (or online) to see some of the most cutting-edge cyber-attacks today, and how to protect your systems and infrastructure from these real-world, black hat hacker attacks! The RBTC is teaming up with hacking pentest experts from RISE and the Virginia Cyber Range to put on this expert panel-led demonstration of executing […]