Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Every day, women entrepreneurs and the businesses they lead have a lasting impact on their communities, including those served by the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council. On Nov. 19, we’ll join the nation in celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a global celebration dedicated to honoring and empowering women in business. 

RBTC is proud to be supporting a wide range of local startups — including women-founded companies — through RAMP, the Regional Accelerator and Mentoring Program. 

These women-founded startups are among the companies in western and central Virginia that RAMP has impacted, and they are making innovative marks in a variety of industries:


Lennox McNeary, CEO and Founder

2021 RAMP cohort

Using blockchain technology, ArchiveCore provides healthcare employers “digital fingerprints of authenticity” that instantly verify the certifications held by medical professionals so new hires can start work faster.

Axon Acuity

Tammy Kemp, CEO and Founder

2022 RAMP cohort

Axon Acuity uses artificial intelligence and analytic software to help clinicians match high-risk patients with the right nurse, the right location, and the right resources in near real-time. This ultimately improves patient care and increases operational efficiency.

BEAM Diagnostics, Inc.

Sarah Snider, CEO and Founder

2018 RAMP cohort

BEAM Diagnostics is a digital healthcare company focused on data-driven behavioral health assessments to improve patient care. The first of many planning applications, BEACON is a mobile tablet application that generates a quantitative measure of a patient’s alcohol misuse to a clinician in under four minutes.

Cairina, Inc.

Jenny Munson, Co-Founder

Spring 2023 RAMP cohort

Cairina offers technologies that noninvasively measure biologic fluid flow through clinically standard imaging protocols for personalized medicine applications with the goal of predicting where cancerous tumors will grow and spread.

CodeOne Training Solutions

Allison Shok, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Spring 2023 RAMP cohort

An American Heart Association training center, Code One Training Solutions uses technology to teach people to save lives through its BEACON CPR course as well as First Aid, EMT, and EMS continuing education classes, AED sales, and safety consulting.


Alex Hyler, Vice President and Chief Science Officer

2022 RAMP cohort

CytoRecovery is working to allow researchers to separate different kinds of cancer cells found in tumors, helping clinicians with disease understanding, therapy selections, and drug development.

Good Foods Group, LLC

Deborah Good, CEO

Fall 2023 RAMP cohort

Eating up to 6 grams of conjugated linoleic acid per day can help to maintain weight, build muscle, and lose fat. Good Foods Group plans to manufacture bars, shakes, chews, and coffee pods not currently available in the U.S. market that have 6 grams of CLA.


Tara Newberry, Founder

Fall 2023 RAMP Cohort

LymphaVibe provides wearable devices that support the at-home care of patients with lymphedema. Motors in these devices provide customized vibrations that replicate manual lymphatic drainage massages, allowing clinicians to prescribe personalized treatments to patients.

MicroHarmonics Corporation

Diane Kees, COO

2019 RAMP cohort

MicroHarmonics specializes in high-quality millimeter wave products that can be used for a variety of services on mobile and wireless networks. These include millimeter wave isolators operating from 25-400 gigahertz, millimeter wave circulators, and millimeter wave voltage variable attenuators, some of the most technologically advanced millimeter wave products available. 


Jessica Gilbertie, President, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder

2022 RAMP cohort

Qentoros is developing a biologic therapeutic to treat a variety of infectious or inflammatory conditions in animals and humans. The treatment is derived from horse blood platelets to treat chronic infection and encourage tissue healing.

RAMP is an affiliate of Verge, a strategic collaborative that includes the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council. During the 12-week cohort program, startups receive $20,000 in non-equity funding, expert 1:1 mentoring, free office space with high-speed internet in downtown Roanoke’s Gill Building and more. 

Meet all the entrepreneurs in the Fall 2023 RAMP Cohort and learn more about their enterprises during Demo Day and Tech the Hall on Dec. 6 from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at the University Club of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. RSVP now.

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