A word from Sarah Phillips, RBTC Membership Coordinator, RAMP Project Manager

Sarah Phillips

These last few months have certainly presented challenges; many I would never have considered in my lifetime. The amount of uncertainty can make one wonder what the new “normal” will be when we emerge from this pandemic. However, I come from a family of problem solvers and I know that new challenges bring new solutions and in this, we have opportunities.  Our region, too, is well-known for its united community and continuous support, not merely limited to difficult times.  I like thinking that the new normal is of a stronger and even more engaged community.

In my work with the RBTC and RAMP, I am privileged to be aware of many big and little successes across the business community.  I see so much positive energy. I know that our members are quick to step up and help one another and this makes me proud of who we are.  I see mentors giving generously of their time and I see seasoned professionals helping the startups, and I even see startups helping startups. I’m grateful knowing that RBTC members sincerely like helping one another.

So, we may have new challenges at the moment, but no matter the challenges you face, whether they be a direct result from this pandemic, or business growing pains, or something else entirely, we are in this together. On behalf of RAMP and the RBTC, we remind you that we are here to help in any way we can.  It is our mission to be a valuable resource to you and your company – as a friend recently said: “collaboration will help us to survive this.”  Let’s keep these words in mind that even as we are isolated and working remotely, there are still many ways for us to grow, connect, collaborate, and be together in this. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us; we will be happy to hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Phillips


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