Member Spotlight: DISH Network

The RBTC Membership ranges from solo tech entrepreneurs to the region’s largest companies. Our members are constantly inspiring us with their drive and creativity. We love it when we get to sit down with them to hear about their forward-thinking cultures and projects. 

We recently touched base with employees at RBTC member DISH in Christiansburg, VA to talk about what it’s like to work for a national company with a large local presence. DISH began as a communications technology startup in the 1980s and expanded to a household name. It pioneers not only the flagship DISH brand, but also serves at the parent company for well-known brands like Sling and Boost Mobile. 

Empowering Employees 

DISH firmly believes that their greatest asset is their people, which is why they pour energy and resources into cultivating an inclusive environment and fostering the development and promotion of all. DISH has long had a reputation for having a supportive, inclusive culture and being a great place to work. The Christiansburg location is no exception!

Anna Dantzler

Anna Dantzler, Data Analyst, has been with DISH Christiansburg for 19 years. She started as a customer service representative before moving through the ranks to her current position. 

“What has really stood out to me has been how DISH invests in its people,” she says. With the help of DISH’s tuition reimbursement program, she’s earned an associate degree and is on track to finish a bachelor’s of business administration management this spring. As part of her degree, she recently took a class on the best practices for training and development. 

 “I could clearly remember DISH demonstrating each best practice,” she said. “Currently, I’m taking an internal leadership class DISH offers salaried employees to help prepare me for future roles because my management recognizes my potential for growth.” 

Culture of Collaboration

DISH places a strong emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and the ability to see eye-to-eye. It’s clear that the culture of collaboration is strong at DISH. They believe that some of the best ideas come from hallway conversations, happy hours, and celebrations, so they go out of their way to host events that bring teams together. 

Mary Duncan

Data Analyst Mary Duncan started with DISH Christiansburg just under a year ago. She was brought on board to curate and analyze data using SQL and Tableau. Her favorite thing about working for DISH is, “100% the people. We have a ton of knowledge on our team both in skill sets and company operations. Teammates are always enthusiastic to share information and teach. The leadership team is encouraging and supportive. Everyone on the team wants their coworkers to succeed and they’re always willing to provide tools to help me get where I need to go. The experience has been wonderful and I’m grateful to be a part of this organization!

Leaders in Innovation

DISH sets itself apart by prioritizing innovation. For 40 years, they’ve been guided by character-driven, user-focused principles that keep them nimble and on the leading edge of developing technologies. 

Todd Jackson

Longtime employee Todd Jackson has spent 22 years at the Christiansburg DISH location and currently serves in business operations and data analytics. He loves the opportunities to challenge himself and learn new things. “Now that DISH has entered into the Wireless industry, there is tons of data to explore and NEW questions to answer.” He’s proud to work at DISH because they’ve “always been innovative and disruptive in the industry. We’re taking on a new challenge by entering wireless and I’m excited to see us excel once again in a new industry.”

Business Operations Manager Bryan Newton cites his coworkers and technology as his favorite aspects of the job. In his 21 years with the company he has, “been lucky enough to work with a great group of people. The technology is also great. DISH had one of the first DVR’s available for Pay TV and is now in the middle of building the country’s first greenfield 5G network. It’s exciting to be part of it!” 

Access to Opportunity

Whether they’ve been there ten months or two decades, one thing all the employees agree on is that DISH Christiansburg is an amazing place to work. “There are TONS of opportunities at DISH and our Christiansburg location,” Todd Jackson said. “It’s thought of as a call center but that’s not the case. Christiansburg is a corporate office that has opportunities including (but not limited to!) data analytics, software engineering, IT, program managers, customer journey analysts, product owners, and product stability.”  

“Absolutely apply [to work here]!,” Mary Duncan said. “I really can’t speak highly enough about the culture.” 

The corporate offices at DISH Christiansburg offer a fantastic culture of collaboration and opportunities to work on the cutting edge of communication technology. If you’re looking to break into the Roanoke-Blacksburg innovation ecosystem, DISH Christiansburg is a great place to consider. Visit their website for information about DISH and their available opportunities at their corporate offices in Christiansburg.

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