The Value of Membership

Your membership works for you even if you never attend an event!

In a year of social separation, does your membership provide value to you and your business?  As I work through membership renewals, I am sure many of our members ask this question.  Your membership works for you, as we work together, to build a strong future for technology companies in our region.  Even absent the in-person networking events that are enjoyed and important to our members, your technology council continues to seek new ways to support our members and improve the technology ecosystem in our region.  There have been many accomplishments this year despite the pandemic:

  • The RBTC provides more than 40 newsletters annually, highlighting our members, spreading the word on events in the region, and sharing information on our region’s growing technology community.
  • In September, GO Virginia provided a grant to the RBTC for $290,000 to be matched by committed corporate funds of $150,000 providing an innovative $440,000 project supporting internships and apprenticeships in technology. These educational opportunities, through partnerships with Exelaration and MaxxPotential, will be available only to technology companies in our region to support growing the work force, retaining talent, and expanding technology companies locally.
  • In September, RAMP received a $1.9 million grant from GO Virginia to add an additional cohort focused on Life Sciences and increase its support of RAMP graduates while continuing its focus on accelerating technology companies for our region.
  • The RBTC has developed a unique partnership with LXCouncil, adding additional CEO Roundtables focused on technology companies and expanding the great work done by our existing roundtable groups – CEO, Executive and HR Roundtables.
  • The RBTC produced more than 50 radio shows and podcasts increasing awareness of our members, their contributions to solving the pandemic, and pivoting their companies during this difficult economic period.
  • We have continued to provide virtual education opportunities to members through our forums – BizDev, CyberSecurity, and WoTech.
  • In the spring, RBTC announced a dynamic partnership with the Valleys Innovation Council to coordinate our efforts and maximize efficiencies, in our efforts to grow a strong technology ecosystem for our region.

These efforts are just a sampling of the continuous work by our members and staff to grow the region’s technology community while in-person events are not possible.  These endeavors allow the RBTC to continue offering value to our members, even without the option to attend events as usual.

We hope you will continue your support and participation in the RBTC as we CONNECT, GROW, and LEAD our community toward a stronger technology future!

John S. Phillips, President, Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council

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