Johnson & Johnson Innovation Names Awardees in the Advancing Oncology InnoVAtion QuickFire Challenge

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Names Awardees in the Advancing Oncology InnoVAtion QuickFire Challenge

From left to right: Erin Burcham, Verge & RBTC; Mary Trigiani, Virginia Tech Foundation; Don Halliwill, Carilion Clinic; Jeff Liter, Luminary Therapeutics (Awardee); Bob Cowell, City of Roanoke; Arvin Gouw, Bacchus Therapeutics (Awardee); Mohammad Ali Amini, QurCan Therapeutics Inc.(Awardee); Sally Allain, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Johnson & Johnson Innovation, in collaboration with Carilion Clinic Innovation, Verge Alliance (with support from City of Roanoke), and Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC), announced October 25 at the Harnessing the Potential of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) in Oncology event at JLABS @ Washington D.C. that Bacchus Therapeutics, Luminary Therapeutics, and QurCan Therapeutics Inc., have been selected as the awardees in the Advancing Oncology InnoVAtion QuickFire Challenge.

The challenge invited innovators from across the globe with an active interest in the Virginia innovation ecosystem to submit potential solutions aiming to transform patient outcomes in oncology in adult populations with potential applications in pediatric oncology. The awardees hope to nurture Virginia’s outstanding innovation ecosystem and spearhead innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients across the globe.

Bacchus Therapeutics is a biotech company that exploits cancer’s hypermetabolic state by targeting specific cancer metabolic pathways.

Luminary Therapeutics is a clinical stage CAR-T therapy company utilizing a unique allogenic manufacturing platform.

QurCan Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company that has developed the next generation nanoparticle for safer and tissue-selective drug delivery to extra-hepatic sites, including the brain and spleen. This technology unlocks the full potential of genetic medicine, delivering life-changing therapeutics.

The awardees will receive grant funding from a total pool of $300,000, VTRC residency for one year which includes one bench & workstation, access to the global Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS network, and mentorship from experts across The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. *

*Subject to terms and conditions of applicable Quickfire Challenge and execution of all relevant and necessary award agreements

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