MOVA Technologies opens Research and Development Facility

August 1, 2023 (Pulaski, Va.) – MOVA Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the opening of its Research and Development Facility in Pulaski that will allow for the enhanced design and production of its state-of-the-art air pollutant capture technology.

“The facility will accelerate the pace of introducing new panel bed filtration technology innovations, while simultaneously increasing the commercial success rate of new applications in a market worth tens of billions of dollars,” said Steve Critchfield, President and Founder of MOVA.

MOVA Technologies is a ClimateTech company specializing in air-capture technology applying sustainable, circular principles to selectively capture and harvest contaminants as valuable byproducts that can be sold and reused. Selective air-capture technology has distinct cost advantages over legacy capture technologies, giving them broad market applicability with air purification applications across manufacturing, agriculture, and energy as well as carbon capture.

“The town is excited to be home to MOVA’s facility and headquarters as they advance future climate smart technologies that will be critical over the long term,” said Darlene Burcham, Pulaski Town Manager.

MOVA is a private company that has raised nearly $1.8 million in private investment and received more than $650,000 in grant funding, including grants from the federal government, GO Virginia, and the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation.

In June, MOVA completed the RAMP (Regional Accelerator and Mentoring Program) cohort, a 12-week program that provides startup technology companies with expert mentoring, free office space, access to venture capital, and membership in the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC).

Mova also partnered with RBTC in hosting four interns this summer through the Experiential Learning in Tech Employment (ELITE) grant program. Funded by GO Virginia, the ELITE program works to develop a connection between regionally educated talent and the region’s employers. The interns gained valuable experience while contributing to Mova’s innovations in climate technology.

“We are honored to have helped MOVA accelerate its vision and are thrilled for our region to see MOVA take this exciting step,” said Erin Burcham, president of Verge, the parent organization of RAMP and RBTC.

MOVA believes that while consumers want new and better products, they also want to buy from companies that have low (or no) environmental impact. These competing consumer demands have created an interesting balancing act for business leaders who are required to innovate, grow, and maintain low costs while also being great stewards for our environment. Additionally, global climate awareness is leading to new air emissions standards for industry to curb and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

“This research facility is crucial to MOVA Technologies as it continues to develop its unique method of capturing particles and gasses (such as pollutants) using a fixed bed of solid sorbents,” said Ann Norris, PHD Materials Engineering Science at Virginia Tech.

MOVA is helping businesses meet these challenges. By rethinking air pollution control, MOVA is removing the high cost of pollutant capture and helping businesses meet consumer demands with advanced air emissions filtration technology that is dramatically more affordable to install and operate than competing technologies.

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